Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slow me Down

Hello, friends! Isn't it lovely to live in a world where there are Marches? 'Marches' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'Octobers', does it? But I think March is one of the loveliest months, because it's when the first hints of spring come. I've almost officially stopped wearing a coat, and shoes for that matter. And the air smells just like heaven. I suppose heaven smells much better, but it smells how I think heaven must smell. There is nothing like Spring to awaken the senses. To call up memories and feelings and sensations that seem to have been sleeping for a long time. Such as the feeling of soft mud under my toes, the smell of my skin when I've been outside, the memories of happy times long ago. Or are they perhaps dreams of the future?

I've decided to stop looking at the clock. That is, I have to look at the clock sometimes, or often.:) But it is so liberating not to look at the clock. Don't you think so, Friend? Sometimes I think, 'What time is it?' And then I think, 'I don't care, so I'm not going to look at the clock', and I'm proud of myself and feel just wonderful. Because a lot of the time, I don't need to know. I do like thinking and planning ahead. It's fun. But sometimes I find myself thinking of the future instead of living right now, and that't not fun. It interferes with the quality of my life. There is so much life to look forward to, but there is also life right now, and that's where I am. 


Naomi Bennet said...

Ah Sadie, I loved this! You're right, sometimes one should just NOT look at the clock. :-) (Although other times, like when I'm on the Internet, I should. :-P)

And yes! The smell of Spring is amazing. :-)

~ Naomi

Emma Jane said...

You DID do it!!!

I like this a lot. I think I shall try to keep my eyes off the clock quite so much too. ;-P

Abby P. said...

Happy spring, Sadie! It's wonderful how nice it's been outside. I look at the clock all the time, and I agree; it's a good idea to not do it as much!

Olivia said...

Loved this! I especially loved how you talked about March, because I feel basically exactly the same ;) These past couple of days have made me SO HAPPY. Spring is coming!!! (Of course, it can put a slight damper on one's excitement if one wishes to pass the time reading books like Ivanhoe or The Black Arrow on the swing under one's cherry tree, and instead one has to read Wuthering Heights under one's cherry tree, due to school. But "that's a minor thing.") :D

Anonymous said...

(I only just saw this, because I don't have a profile and I have to check them by typing it in... it made me very happy to see your 'post'. :D (I don't know why they call them 'posts'. *I* don't really care for the name. It should have something much more nicer... I'm sure Anne Shirley could think up a much better name. ;))
I loved this post, Sadie. :) You described spring so well! I am going into autumn, which makes me slightly miserable, hearing all you people who live in the northern hemisphere go on about my favourite season! ;)
I'd never really thought about it like that before... that's a good point. :) I should probably stop looking at the clock as much, as focus more on living, not on planning. Except, (as Naomi said,) when I'm on the internet. Hehe. ;D
~Miss Meg

Sadie said...

I love your comment, Miss Meg! You're right, 'post' isn't a very nice name. What should we say. Installment? Entry? I don't know, those aren't very nice either.:P
You live in Australia, right? It is funny to think we are going into opposite seasons. I think Autumn is a perfectly wonderful season, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, Sadie! :) Your comment made me so happy!
Haha, I'm not sure... it's a bit of a tricky one. (I wonder whoever made it 'official' to call them posts in the first place... they obviously didn't have a very good imagination. :P) Article sounds too business like, manuscript sounds long and unfinished, and none of the others sound anything remotely like blogging either... your suggestions are better than mine. ;) I'm rather stuck on that one... if only I had Anne Shirley's brain. ;D

Yes, I live in Australia! :) (I'm the crazy girl that writes Emma letters from the Land Down Under. Hehe.) I know, it's so weird how we're always in opposite seasons. It's a bit harder to 'relate' to what the other person is saying sometimes. ;) (I mean, several people are telling me about all the snow they're having where they are, while I'm sweating in 104 degrees heat! :P) Well, I'm still not so keen on autumn (or winter, for that matter) but I don't outright detest it. I AM getting sick of this hot weather by now, though, so I'm thinking some cooler weather really would be a nice change... still, I wish it were spring. :P (It's not just the weather! You know, less school, holidays, green grass, baby animals, flowers, and everything you listed in your post!) So far I have yet to experience a day that's less than 90 degrees with high humidity. ;)
~Miss Meg