Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Tag

Happy Sunday! I feel like posting today, and I've been seeing this fun tag going around so I thought, why not? Here's what's been making me feel happy lately:

Books/ Rilla of Ingleside(I have no words)/Jefferson's Sons/ Christy(always)/ The dictionary(love that thing)/ The Lizzy Books/ American Girl books/ Lynn Austin books/ Corinthians/ Anne of Green Gables/ Celia Garth/ Hattie Big Sky/ The River Between Us/

Words/ Golden/ Glowing/ Shimmering/ Sparkling/ Indefatigable/ Hulabaloo (isn't that fun?)/ Petrichor/Selcouth/Brontide/Selenophile/Querencia/Wilderness/ Purity/ Simplicity/ Sunshine/

Movies/TV/ Christy/ Brooklyn/ Downton Abbey/ The Waltons/ Hornblower/ Anne of Green Gables/ Civil War Miniseries (esp. North and South)/ Poldark/

My friends, this is going to be good.

Scents/ Rain/ Grass(can't smell it that much yet)/ Creek water( it smells so good!)/ Homemade soap/ Sheets of the clothesline/ Books/ Tea/ Essential oils!/ Particularly peppermint/ Peppermint ice cream!/

Songs/  Pa's Fiddle Band/ Copperhead Soundtrack/ North and South soundtrack/ Hamilton/ The Corrie's Skye Boat Song and Annie Laurie/ Booth Brothers' Happy Rythym (haha!)/ Anne of Green Gables Soundtrack/ Leave Her Johnny/ Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate/ Ain't We Got Fun/

Misc./ Naomi is coming!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Yes, I'm excited too!/ Going outside without freezing/ Summer plans/ Dark chocolate/ Pretty pictures/ Writing letters to friends/ Getting letters from friends!/ Friends in general (they really are just about the best thing in life)/ Videos of mantua makers in Williamsburg/ Laughing lots/ Jesus/


Emma Jane said...

Cuuuuuuute. :-)

"Having found it, I am coming home..." GAAAAAAHHHHHHH. (Sorry, I'm embarrassing your readers. All twelve of them. ;-P)


These things make me happy too. Especially the sea shanties, Hamilton, Poldark, oh yeah and the video of the mantua makers.

Naomi Bennet said...

(I'm smiling right now. This post made me happy. :-)) I can't wait to meet you, Sadie - LIKE, CAN'T WAIT. And I'm so glad you're excited too - Thank you. AHHHHH WHY ISN'T IT JUNE YET?!!!

I'm also so happy that you loved ROI, because that's one of my all-time favourite books (if not, my favourite book ever) - and yes, Aint we Got Fun is a ridiculously fun song. I love it a lot. :-)

~ Naomi

Anonymous said...

I loved this, Sadie! :D
The fact that you put the dictionary on your list made me smile. ;) It really does help solve our curiosity, doesn't it?! I mean, if I thought about all the words I've looked up, and then imagine NOT knowing their meaning... that would be most frustrating indeed. I'm reading through Corinthians at the moment, and I'm picking up on things I never saw before. (Don't you love it when that happens?!) My current favourite Bible verse is 2 Corinthians 3:17 'Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.'
Hullabaloo is really fun, I agree. :D And you know the word petrichor too?! I love that word. :)
Hornblower! ARCHIE!!!
Peppermint ice cream is my favourite ice cream hands down. :D
Oh yes, the Anne of Green Gable soundtrack is SUCH a feelsy soundtrack! I almost feeling like bursting into tears when I listen to some parts of it. (What is WRONG with me?)
You get to meet Naomi! You lucky girl, you. ;) Yes, letters and friends are some of the best things ever!
Thank you for the post, it made me very happy. And also that last picture! :O That's now my official favourite picture at the moment. It's on my background picture and I can't stop staring at it. The dresses, the boots, the hats, their hair... it's just darling. Too darling for words.
~Miss Meg

Miss Evie said...

Lovely post!

Abby P said...

Hi Sadie! I've tagged you on my blog, Lavender Spring, if you'd like to answer the questions! Only if you want to, of course. :) Here's the address:

Miss Evie said...


The Girl with the Gold Pen said...

Dark chocolate!!!
Brooklyn! Yessssss!!!!

Molly Rebekah said...

What a fun tag! So many of these things make me happy, too, especially Rilla of Ingleside, Anne of Green Gables, Poldark, and Corinthians (I'm actually reading through 2 Corinthians right now!). I love your blog, by the way! :)


Sadie said...

Thanks Molly!

Abby P said...

Hey Sadie! I nominated you again, if you're still blogging: