Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Tag

Happy Sunday! I feel like posting today, and I've been seeing this fun tag going around so I thought, why not? Here's what's been making me feel happy lately:

Books/ Rilla of Ingleside(I have no words)/Jefferson's Sons/ Christy(always)/ The dictionary(love that thing)/ The Lizzy Books/ American Girl books/ Lynn Austin books/ Corinthians/ Anne of Green Gables/ Celia Garth/ Hattie Big Sky/ The River Between Us/

Words/ Golden/ Glowing/ Shimmering/ Sparkling/ Indefatigable/ Hulabaloo (isn't that fun?)/ Petrichor/Selcouth/Brontide/Selenophile/Querencia/Wilderness/ Purity/ Simplicity/ Sunshine/

Movies/TV/ Christy/ Brooklyn/ Downton Abbey/ The Waltons/ Hornblower/ Anne of Green Gables/ Civil War Miniseries (esp. North and South)/ Poldark/

My friends, this is going to be good.

Scents/ Rain/ Grass(can't smell it that much yet)/ Creek water( it smells so good!)/ Homemade soap/ Sheets of the clothesline/ Books/ Tea/ Essential oils!/ Particularly peppermint/ Peppermint ice cream!/

Songs/  Pa's Fiddle Band/ Copperhead Soundtrack/ North and South soundtrack/ Hamilton/ The Corrie's Skye Boat Song and Annie Laurie/ Booth Brothers' Happy Rythym (haha!)/ Anne of Green Gables Soundtrack/ Leave Her Johnny/ Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate/ Ain't We Got Fun/

Misc./ Naomi is coming!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Yes, I'm excited too!/ Going outside without freezing/ Summer plans/ Dark chocolate/ Pretty pictures/ Writing letters to friends/ Getting letters from friends!/ Friends in general (they really are just about the best thing in life)/ Videos of mantua makers in Williamsburg/ Laughing lots/ Jesus/

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slow me Down

Hello, friends! Isn't it lovely to live in a world where there are Marches? 'Marches' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'Octobers', does it? But I think March is one of the loveliest months, because it's when the first hints of spring come. I've almost officially stopped wearing a coat, and shoes for that matter. And the air smells just like heaven. I suppose heaven smells much better, but it smells how I think heaven must smell. There is nothing like Spring to awaken the senses. To call up memories and feelings and sensations that seem to have been sleeping for a long time. Such as the feeling of soft mud under my toes, the smell of my skin when I've been outside, the memories of happy times long ago. Or are they perhaps dreams of the future?

I've decided to stop looking at the clock. That is, I have to look at the clock sometimes, or often.:) But it is so liberating not to look at the clock. Don't you think so, Friend? Sometimes I think, 'What time is it?' And then I think, 'I don't care, so I'm not going to look at the clock', and I'm proud of myself and feel just wonderful. Because a lot of the time, I don't need to know. I do like thinking and planning ahead. It's fun. But sometimes I find myself thinking of the future instead of living right now, and that't not fun. It interferes with the quality of my life. There is so much life to look forward to, but there is also life right now, and that's where I am.