Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ten Favorite Screen Characters Tag

Hello friends! Hamlette has tagged me to do this fun tag. I am horrible at picking favorites, especially when we're talking about screen characters, but I'll try to at least pick ten of my favorite screen characters. Some of them might be a bit random, but I want to pick less obvious ones. Well, here I go! Oh, and they will be in no particular order, either.

Christy Huddleston (Christy) 
Because she is young and inexperienced and kind and pretty and altogether very likable.  

William Bush (Hornblower) 
Because he's just the coolest person ever. The end.


Ingrid (Dr. Quinn) 
 Because she's sweet and pretty. I so wanted she and Matthew to get married and have a family of their own.

Abigail Adams (The Adams Chronicles) 
Because she is Abigail. I cannot describe her in words. There's no one like her.

August King (The Journey of August King) 
Now I really can't describe August. I'm afraid by attempting I would make less of him. I'll just say I like him a lot.

Brett Main/ Hazzard (North and South)  
Because she works in the fields with Semiramis and Madeline. And she's so nice to Orry. And she loves Billy. And she knows how to put Ashton in her place, even if it's only long enough for Billy to get away. 

Arthur Hastings (Poirot) 
 Because he's the perfect gentleman. And he's always positive. And he's so interested in cars, and races, and he likes to golf with men named Skiffy that he meets at hotels. 

Diana Barry (Anne of Green Gables) 
Diana is such an amazing friend. She's a bit more sensible that Anne, though not always entirely sensible. She goes along with Anne's whims and fancies. She has such a nice way about her. I would love to have her as a friend.

Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey)
Because he is Matthew Crawley, and I cannot exclude him from this list.

Mr. Pinch (Martin Chuzzlewit)
Because he is genuinely kind and humble. It's sad that he isn't perfectly happy at the end. But nothing could turn him bitter. 

Who are some of your favorites?


Naomi Bennet said...

Oh! Lovely characters, Sadie!

Firstly, Christy. SHES AMAZING. I haven't seen the miniseries yet, but I've read the book and I LOVE it. I actually introduced the book to a lady at Church (I gave her my German copy I accidently bought - she's German) and she loved it too. Proves what an awesome character Christy is!

William Bush IS awesome. I love his VOICE.

Diana! I like her a lot. :-)

BUT MATTHEW MATTHEW. Somehow I forgot to add him on mine. BUT I LOVE HIM JUST AS MUCH AS YOU. :-)

And poor, poor Mr Pinch. I want to hug him. His hair though. :-P

Lovely post!

~ Naomi

Olivia said...

Cool list! :D

Okay, so INGRID THOUGH. Am I the only one who cries when--well, when That Happens? I wasn't really expecting to, but then when Matthew lay down beside her...I cried a little:'(

I like Diana too--and, really all of the people you included! (The ones that I knew, that is.)

Emma, Plain and Tall said...

I love your list, Sadie. Especially the fella with the hat and the blue eyes. :-)

Naomi: Oh, I know! HIS VOICE! Seriously, what's a girl to do.

Olivia: No, you weren't the only one who cried. It's so stinkin' sad. I loved Ingrid so much! And Matthew-- am I the only one who feels a deep need to look out for him? ;-P Have you seen the episode where they're at the railroad camp and they light lanterns for all the people who have died, and Matthew lights one for Ingrid, and when the candle goes out he says, "Goodbye, Ingrid..." ohhhhhh!!!!!!! *sniffle*

As you can probably tell, one of my favorite things to do is talk Dr. Quinn with people. ;-)


Hamlette said...

Awesome picks! I know 6 of these and like them greatly :-)

Olivia said...

Emma, I don't remember that episode particularly, but it does sound vaguely familiar. The pain:(

I know what you mean about feeling responsible for Matthew;) Like when he finally finds happiness again with Emma, and then she's hurt, and he's freaking out that she's going to die, too...feels!