Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Figure-Eight Braid ~ Civil War Hairstyle

     Hello friends! This style is quite simple to do, but I think it looks rather complicated and is very pretty. You will need rather long hair if you do this exactly as I did, but improvisations could be made if you have shorter hair.
     As far as I know it could be an accurate Civil War-era style. You probably can't tell, but I've parted my hair on the side in the front. In the 1860s center parts were most fashionable, so that's what I would recommend to anyone who is more flattered by center parts than I. Also, back then it was not usually fashionable for the ears to be showing, so you can keep that in mind if you want to be super accurate.
     I think this same sort of bun could be made to look 1920s or '30s if you wish. Like Miss Lemon or Mrs. Hughes. You would just need to alter the shape a bit and add finger waves or something. 
Step 1: Braid your hair into two braids, temporarily securing them at the end with whatever you have handy. 

Step 2: Twist the braids around into two buns. Try to keep it smooth and nice-looking.

 Step 3: Cross the ends of the braids, tuck them around the bun on the other side, and pin them into place.

And you're done! Told you it was simple. :)


Emma, Plain and Tall said...

Cute, cute, cute! :-)

Hamlette said...

Coincidentally, I bought a book of nifty Frozen-inspired hairstyles to try on my daughters. I'll add this one to the mix! Though neither of them have hair quite long enough yet. But I do :-D

Emma, Plain and Tall said...

Yo gurl, I tagged you. You'll find it. ;-)

Miss Evelyn said...

This is so beautiful, I may just have to try it soon! :D

LF4Jesus said...

So beautiful!

Sophia said...

This is so pretty!!! I've been looking through your posts, and it looks like we have some things in common! So glad I found this blog!!!

Sadie said...

Thank you Sophia! I'm glad you like my blog.