Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Story of a Pocket

The other day I was amusing myself reading about people sewing all these wonderful clothes and thinking how much I would like to make something lovely myself if only I had some fabric. And then I came across this post about making an 18th-century pocket, and decided to make one immediately.  

Thankfully I had a bit of lovely muslin on hand, so I used that. I folded it in half and drew the shape I wanted, and then cut it out. 

I had never done any sort of embroidery before, but I thought it would be awfully fun to try. So I just sort of made up a design as I went. It is very humble indeed, and I would prefer if it looked a bit less like a cactus, but I think it's sort of pretty.

Sewing it together was lots of fun. I had never done much hand-sewing, but I was determined not to use the modern sewing machine on this project, and it didn't take so long since it was just a pocket. I took Elizabeth's advice from the post I mentioned and doubled the front piece, so as not to snag the embroidery. 

After I sewed the pieces together I cut a slit down the middle. I wish I would have cut a longer slit, because I can barely fit my hand through the opening. Oh, well. Next time. 
Then I covered the edges with a strip of the same fabric. 

And then I sewed a lovely green ribbon on the top to tie it around my waist, and it was finished! I am quite pleased with my pocket, funny thing that it is. I haven't worn it yet, it doesn't work as well with today's clothing. Not that I wear today's clothing, but never mind that. Anyway, I hope you have been somewhat amused by the story of my pocket, and I encourage you all to go make pockets of your own.:)


Natalie said...

That is so pretty and adorable, Sadie!
And you've never done any embroidery before? You made up that pattern yourself? I'm very impressed!

Emma, Plain and Tall said...

It's so cute! Now can you make one for me? ;-P


Kelly-Anne said...

Aww! Good for you, dear Sadie!
Your needlework skills are impressive - embroidery is wonderful fun, isn't it...?
Much love to you!

miss elliot said...

Oh, that is so lovely!! The embroidery is amazing. The whole thing is just beautiful.

Naomi Bennet said...

Hello, m'dear! I've tagged you with the just-a-list-of-random-questions-tag. :-)
Feel free to ignore, if you want, of course!

Oh, and that pocket is very impressive! I wouldn't be able to have done it, I assure you! Very charming... :-)

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

Adorable!!! :D

Emma, Plain and Tall said...

Yo sis, I tagged you. Check it out.

Hamlette said...

I do like the idea of removing your pocket when you change clothes and keeping everything in it. I keep an enormous number of things in my pockets (my husband calls them my "effects," ala Captain Jack Sparrow), and whenever I change pants, I have to transfer everything (phone, keys, wallet, pocket knife, chapstick, change, etc). Be much easier to just transfer the pocket(s)!