Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome to my new blog!

     Hello friends! Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sadie. Some of you may know me from my old blog, Birdie's Perch.  For awhile I've been planning to start posting more regularly, but I decided my old blog was rather childish and altogether not very interesting, so I chose to start afresh.

     I plan to post about things that interest me, and I hope will interest you as well. Such as historical fashion and hairstyles, period dramas, music, books, anything old-fashioned, and the trials, joys, and adventures of being a daughter of God.

     The name Buttermilk Sky doesn't have a particular meaning, it's just the name of a book I like and I think it has a pretty sound.

   To help you get to know me, here are a few things I love:

~bright flowers
~pretty pictures
~nearly anything old-fashioned
~Colonial Williamsburg
~Civil War miniseries
~old songs
~starry skies
~period dramas
~ships name a few.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


Emma, Plain and Tall said...


Congratulations, good luck, I'm so glad for you, ect. I can't wait to read more of your stuff!

By the way, I love your comment message. Too cute. :-)

Make sure everyone knows your illustrious sister helped *coughcoughcough* with the header. ;-P


Naomi Bennet said...

SADIE!!! This blog is going to be awesome and a great first post! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. A new blog really helps one get back into the mood.

And the TITLE is BEAUTIFUL. You make me really want to ready the book now, although I know it isn't amazing. :-) I love blogs with titles of books for it's title. Have you noticed. :-)

Emma, THE DESIGN IS BEYOND GORGEOUS. You two girls are really in a Georgian mood or something - you both have the Felicity-with-the-book-on-her-head picture on your sidebar. Show you're sisters. :-P

Love it here already!
Can't wait for more, Sadie!

~ Naomi

Sadie said...

You're so sweet Naomi! Yes we are definitely in a Georgian mood.:)

Isn't Emma a genius with headers? I can't stop looking at mine and hers:)

Did Emma tell you Buttermilk Sky wasn't amazing? It's not epic or anything, but I thought it was an adorable little book.

Thank you so much for commenting and following! I can't wait to post more!

Naomi Bennet said...

Yes, that's what Emma said - the book wasn't epic or life-changing (so it wasn't AMAZING) but it was adorable and sweet. I'd love to read it.

Natalie said...

Awww, this blog is beautiful!
I'll look forward to more posts from you, Sadie! :)

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh! I adore your design, dear Sadie! And such a darling name for your blog...I am your newest follower and will enjoy visiting you here!
Hugs to you and enjoy your new journey here!
With love in Christ,

P.S. what movie are the pictures in your post from...?

Kelpie said...

Sadie, your blog looks lovely and I look forward to reading your future posts!

Anonymous said...

This is so Georgousness!!!!
I'm tempted to make a new one too?